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Play Facilities at Greystone Rec

Penketh Parish Council is proud to be investing in new play equipment at Greystone Rec following many requests from our local community. The impact of Covid-19 meant this did not happen in the timescale we had initially planned. However, these facilities are now open and safe for the children of Penketh to enjoy. We do hope they will bring fun and enjoyment for many years to come.

The replacement of play facilities has been an aspiration for Penketh Parish Council and local residents for some time with many noting that Penketh seems to be one of few areas where Warrington Borough Council does not provide play equipment. Unlike many neighbouring areas WBC does not own any park or recreation ground in Penketh. These are managed by Penketh Parish Council on behalf of local residents. The Parish Council also holds responsibility for grass cutting, hedge trimming and litter picking etc.

The Parish Council made the decision to replace the play equipment in May 2019 and it was agreed in the annual budget. The Council sought quotations over a period which were circulated to all Cllrs on 2nd December 2019. The decision to proceed with the work was made on 8th January 2020 at a meeting of the Parish Council. The work was to commence in March but was delayed due to Covid-19. The work commenced later in the year on the 20th July and the playground is now safe and open for use. Further painting work to the railings to finalise the project will be completed in due course.

There has been some mis-information with regard to the support of grant-funding. The Parish Council searched for opportunities with SSE, WREN and VEOLIA but to no avail and individuals and local organisations had extensive time to search for such, following discussions at meetings at the Parish Council. No opportunities or details of opportunities were presented to the Council within the decision making time frame.

There have been some issues with the contractors arrangements which the Parish Council have sought to resolve as promptly as possible within the confines and limitations of the Covid 19 period.

We are pleased that we now have renewed play facilities for families in Penketh.

Posted by: Lois Burey
Date: 30th April 2019
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