Penketh Pool Timetable and re-opening update.

The Clerk
September 30, 2022

Timetable ( Term Time)

Penketh Parish Council are pleased to share the new Timetable for Penketh Pool.

This is provisional and subject to change as we re-open the centre in stages, but it will form the basis of our re-opening. *Timetable displayed is for term time only, with a slightly amended version for school holidays when they occur which includes much more public/family swim time. 

Swim Clubs and Water babies will be returning first, which will allow us to test out operating procedures and ensure that water quality and temperatures can, and are maintained for the expected heavy usage by the time we reach full capacity. We also plan on having a number of free, one-off events to mark the re-opening, with details to follow shortly.

We’ve had a number of enquiries about Parish Council swimming lessons which will be also restarting in the coming weeks. We feel it’s important to offer child spaces to those who previously learnt to swim with us and so they will be welcomed back first. Details of how to Register interest for spaces will be announced shortly. All other previous users will be contacted once we have a confirmed re-opening date.

As some of you may be aware of already, we've had issues with our Boilers which supply the pool water and air heating as well as the water and heating for the rest of the centre. Of the three boilers, one is working fully, and we've managed to get the Pool and Air to the required temperature on this one alone. The second one has received a temporary fix but the third has reached the end of serviceable life and further work is required imminently, to address the flue seals across all three. Although servicing had continued through the lock down and centre shutdown, not all of the boilers were fully operational in this time and this is why this issue has only been detected now, and they're still relatively new in terms of the rest of the centre. Obviously, in light of this, we need to build in the required continuity for the business and we have already been busy obtaining the required quotes for replacements and options for alternative solutions, with the potential to improve efficiency which is ever more important in the current energy climate.

This will be debated at the next Business committee (4th October) with decisions to be ratified by full council. Re-opening could still happen in the next few weeks but we need to anticipate and plan for downtime of at least a few days for any potential replacement, which isn't ideal for our returning groups/clubs. I'm sure everyone can understand, we want to make this as smooth as possible considering all the work that has gone into the centre in recent months.

I will share some updates on recent water testing and the look and feel of the centre shortly and once again, I'd like to thank the rest of the council team, contractors and suppliers for all their help and support.

Kind regards,

Cllr Michael Potts

Chairman - Penketh Parish Council.

If you have any concerns of questions please use the link on our website Contact Us - The Penketh Parish Council 

or comment below.

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Craig Hinkins
1 year ago

Great work, thanks to all involved. Other Penketh generations having easy access to swimming and no excuses not to learn.

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