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Information about Penketh Parish Council

The Council meet on the second Wednesday of the month at Penketh Parish Community Room, Honiton Way Penketh at 7:30pm and holds surgeries on the first Saturday of the month at Penketh Library, Honiton Way, Penketh 10:30-11:30am the minutes of each meeting are held at the library and here. All are welcome to attend the meetings and per the Standing Orders the meeting allows approximately 20 minutes for public participation. No elector will be allowed to speak more than once on any subject, co-operation is gratefully appreciated.

Penketh Parish Council, Warrington consists of Eleven members, the Chair is Councillor Ray McKay.

The Parish Council owns and manages Penketh Swimming Pool and Hall under the company name of Kingfisher Leisure Services. It is the one of a few Parish Council's in the country to own a swimming pool.

The pool and community centre play a vital role for the community providing access to activities, organisations and clubs that partner with Kingfisher Leisure to keep it's residents fit, happy and healthy.

For more information on the Pool and Community Centre activities please visit Penketh Pool

The Council manages and maintains Greystone Recreation Ground and Withinshaw Recreation Park and Penketh Gardens, which were bequeathed to the residents of Penketh. Their obligation is to maintain the recreation grounds, this consists of grass cutting, shrub and tree management, drainage and paths, gates and fences and of course litter picking.

The recreation grounds are inspected weekly and if needed tidying is carried out. Playground equipment and soft play areas are maintained also to provide a safe and dog mess free play space. Please do not place banners on railings of the Parks as they are not permitted.

Posted by: Lois Burey
Date: 2nd January 2020
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